Mackey Staffing & Co. offers Payroll Services, for a significantly lower mark up than regular temp fees, to temporary workers, interns, and part-time employees that you, the employer, have recruited and identified. We can payroll employees in any state. Take the back office hassle of hiring an employee off your plate and let us be your “employer of record” for any new hires. We do not charge a conversion fee if and when the employee converts to your payroll.

Benefits to payrolling employees through Mackey Staffing & Co. are:

  • We take away the complexities of hiring staff.
  • Employees that work for you, but are on our books
  • Simple to set up payroll services
  • Ongoing support for your staff
  • Online timekeeping and easy management
  • Elimination of all costs related to on-boarding staff and processing payroll
  • Elimination of City, Federal, and State unemployment filings and financial burdens associated with such claims
  • Elimination of Workers Compensation costs and claims
  • Paid Holidays

Payrolled employees still work on behalf of the client company, but are no longer legally on the client company's books.

Payrolling offers flexibility in your hire, and significant administrative support for the payroll function. When ready, you may at any point later move the employee(s) back to your payroll, adjust their pay rate, or change their hours and schedule as you would normally. Thus, at all times you retain complete control over how much they work for you and when.

To discuss further how we can assist you and your business, please call Maureen Mackey at 203-655-1166 x 102 or email